Empyreal Nucleus (ERNC)
ERNC is an ERC20 governance money for PonPonSnake. Holders can participate in game decision voting, and also gain cool game items. It's the community's most valuable asset.
ERNC Origin
The Itza people discovered two ancient gods' jewels made from holy woods, which became treasures of the Itza people and were seen as the strongest power for rulers to control the country.
Users can seal their currency to participate in ERNC.They may also enhance their own governance and share the game's profits.
ERNC would be used to pay for high-level productions in the game, as well as to trade NFTs on the auction market or to swap to other crypto currencies.
85% earnings will go into the decentralized treasury. Whoever stakes enough ERNC will gain governance authority, allowing them to vote on reward distribution and resolutions.
ERNC Allocation
The primary value of the game and the goal for users to participate in the game is the ERNC's P2E reward allocation pool (Play-to-Earn Allocation Pool). Players will come together to encourage the release and future expansion of ERNC.
Total 270,000,000 ERNC
Type Amount Unlock
DOA Treasury 121,500,000 (45%) unlock by competition
CQI Team 43,200,000 (16%) lock for 1~3 years, 2023 unlock 1/3.
Private Placement 32,400,000 (12%) 2023 unlock after 1 year
Develop 21,6000,000 (8%) lock for 1~3 years, 2023 unlock 1/3.
Seed (0.06USD) 16,200,000 (6%) 2022 unlock after 1 year
Advisor 10,800,000 (4%) lock for 1~3 years, 2023 unlock 1/3.
Public Sale 10,800,000 (4%) 2024 unlock after 1 year
Charity 8,100,000 (3%) 3-year linear unlock
Event 5,400,000 (2%) lock for 1~3 years, 2023 unlock 1/3.
ERNC Total 270,000,000 (100%)